Meet Me

Hi I’m Liz!

I am writing to you from our small apartment here in Brooklyn. Not the Brooklyn you’re thinking of, but Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa!

A little about me:

I am a little theatre geek, a little science freak.

I am equally in love with being alone listening to a podcast, as I am being with multiple friends listening to hilarious stories.

I will try any local delicacy at least once (afval, anyone?), but I am just as happy with my moms home cooking.

I could travel forever seeing beautiful places and never getting enough sleep, but a 9 o’clock bedtime in my own sheets is just as lovely.

I will binge out on podcasts or health studies, but also love a KUWTK marathon.

I received my B.F.A. in musical theatre after deciding to follow my beloved hobby instead of my original intention of becoming a pediatrician. I attended an incredible college for musical theatre which broke me down and gave me the tools to build myself back up. We like to say the program is really more “human training” than anything else.

I shot right out of the gate after getting my diploma and began touring worldwide with shows, ships, and independently with friends. I spent a year living on a bus traveling the USA and Asia, the last 3 years aboard cruise ships in the Mediterranean, with a few month long backpacking stints seeing any new places I could get a flight to. It has been five years and I haven’t stopped much, leading to my currently place here in South Africa with my fiancé. We hope to get married next spring/summer!

I am currently finishing up my Fitness Nutrition Certification through NASM and shortly thereafter will complete my Personal Training Certification. I am excited to provide my recipes for delicious healthy food, how to live a balanced happy life,  and how to find your own avocado!